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Audi represents some of the best design and engineering features Germany has ever produced. With durability, luxury, and efficiency in mind when designing each vehicle, Audi is able to offer unparalleled driving experiences. However, as with all vehicles, slipping care and maintenance practices can cause performance to dip and parts to fail.

Audi uses electronically controlled control modules as well as wiring and fuses for many of the systems and parts of their vehicles, which is great for performance and efficiency, but does increase the risk of electronic failure if not cared for correctly.

With this in mind, in this article we’ll be exploring a few of the common electrical issues in Audi cars, as well as where to go to have them dealt with.

What are some of the signs of electrical issues?
First, it is important to know the symptoms of electrical issues — this will help you to respond quickly to failures, preventing further damage and costlier repairs. The most common signs and symptoms of electrical issues include:

  • Problems starting
  • Flickering lights
  • Electrical shortages
  • Failing or ‘bad’ fuses
  • Damaged/loosely connected wiring
  • Problems with the spark plugs
  • Starter failure
  • Battery failure
  • Alternator failure

The most common places where electrical failure can occur include:

  • The starter
  • The alternator
  • The battery
  • The fuses
  • The wiring


Common Electrical Problems in Audis

  1. Battery Problems

In all cars, when it comes to electrical issues, the first place to start is usually the battery. Responsible for giving electrical power to the starter motor and electrical systems of your car when the power is off, the battery is integral to the smooth operation of your Audi, and is designed to last around 2 years. However, chances of premature failure increases if you live in a harsh environment or practice poor maintenance.

The battery terminals are a common point of failure, as they can corrode easily due to being exposed under the hood. This corrosion affects the flow of current, and conduction and can impact upon your Audi’s ability to start. Often, problems with the terminals can be solved with a simple cleaning.

  1. Water Damage

We all know that water and electronics do not mix, and leaks and spills within your vehicle can directly impact the functions of its electrical systems.

Your Audi has an MMI (Multi-Media Interface) which controls all of the vehicle’s entertainment systemsnavigationelectronics, and more. In modern Audis this unit is located underneath the cupholders. This unfortunate placement can mean that leaks from drinks can cause water to reach the unit, causing it to burn out and failrequiring either repair or diagnostics. Therefore, whenever you buy yourself a steaming hot coffee, or a refreshing cold beverage, be sure to check lids are tightly affixed, and cups are not overfilled!

  1. Window Motor Faults

The window motor is responsible for opening and closing electric windows when needed. The window motor in your Audi works when the button is pressed, signaling the regulator to either raise or lower the window. However, if either the regulator or motor fails, this process is unlikely to happen, and may result in unresponsive windows, or windows that are left stuck half-open.

Window stickers and tinting of the windows are some of the most common factors that can cause motor malfunction as they increase the windows’ thickness. This results in the motor having to work harder to counteract the extra resistance, resulting in it becoming worn out faster. So it may be best to keep the customization to other areas of your car, or ensure all cosmetic procedures you have done to your Audi are compliant with the specific make and model of your vehicle.

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