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Ford Service And Repair

Ford Service And Repair


Professional Automotive has been the choice since 1994 for Ford owners who want quality automotive repairs.

Remember, your Ford does not have to be maintained by the dealer to keep your warranty intact.*

*Magnusen-Moss warranty act

The technicians at Professional Automotive are all about quality repairs that stand the test of time. Our technicians are well trained in performing detailed inspections and overviews to mechanical systems and electrical systems. Every part used for the repair is either original equipment Ford or premium aftermarket parts. Repairs are backed by a 2 Year/24,000 mile warranty (twice the average repair shop warranty). Clients always have the final word. You make the best decision for you. The service advisors at Professional Automotive place no pressure on our clients, we will educate you about your Ford and where it stands and let you decide how you want to maintain and repair it! Professional Automotive performs regularly scheduled maintenance and major repair services that keep our clients’ Fords in great shape.


  • Factory scheduled Ford services (30k, 60K, 90k, 105K, 120K)
  • Detailed evaluations of your vehicle
  • Fluid replacements and exchanges (engine oil, transmission, coolant, brake, and more.)
  • Battery replacement
  • Complete tire and alignment services using the latest technology
  • and more

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Since 1994 Professional Automotive has provided high quality auto repair for drivers throughout the Marlborough area as well as: