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A flat tire is one of the more sudden surprises that can happen to any Audi owner. It can happen at any time and often when you least expect it. If you drive an Audi, knowing how to remove a flat tire can help you save time and money. Here is a list of things you need to do if you find yourself with a flat tire on your Audi.

What to Do When Your Audi Suffers a Flat Tire

Be Calm and Identify a Safe Place

The first response to such a situation should be to remain calm. Panic can make a person make irrational decisions. When you notice a flat tire, do not accelerate or brake hard. Find a place where you can safely pull over on the side of the road. It is best to look for a place that is not near the road but a parking lot or the shoulder of the road.

Turn on Your Hazard Lights

When you have found a safe place to park your car, switch on the hazard lights. This is to let other drivers know that you are not moving and you may require help. It’s a good safety measure, especially if you’re on a main road.

Gather Your Tools

Ensure you have all the tools you need before you begin to replace the tire. You should have a spare tire, a jack, and a lug wrench in your Audi. These are usually placed in the trunk. It is also important that you gather the tools that you need before you begin.

Loosen the Lug Nuts

Using the lug wrench, remove the lug nuts from the flat tire. Do not take them out for now but loosen them so that you can remove them later. It is easier to remove the lug nuts when the tire is still on the ground because the friction will prevent the tire from spinning.

Jack Up the Car

Lift the Audi using the jack under the jacking point, which is usually provided on the body of the car. If you cannot find the exact location, you should refer to your owner’s manual. Insert the jack under the flat tire and jack up the car so that the tire is 6 inches off the ground. Remember to make sure that the car is stable before you proceed.

Remove the Flat and Install the Spare Tire

Since the car has been lifted, you can now remove the lug nuts completely. They should be kept in a safe place because they will be used to tie the spare tire. Remove the flat tire from the hub with care and place it on one side. Then place the spare tire and position it on the wheel bolts. Place the axle on the hub until the axle is locked in place. After that, fasten the lug nuts onto the wheel bolts to make sure that the tire does not move as you are lowering the car. Once the weight of the car is back on the tire, you can now take away the jack and tighten the lug nuts with a lug wrench.

Check the Spare Tire Pressure

Before you continue your trip, you should inspect the pressure of the spare and the other tires. It should be inflated to the correct pressure to enable safe driving. If you do not have a gauge, drive slowly to the nearest gas station to check and pump the pressure.

Go to a Repair Shop

A spare tire is only a temporary fix. Be cautious and proceed to the nearest tire repair shop to have your flat tire repaired or replaced. Spares are often smaller and cannot be driven for long distances or at high speeds so you need to deal with the flat tire as soon as possible.

Drive Your Audi To Our Shop For Quality Tire Service

Professional Automotive has been a premier auto Audi Tire Service repair center for European, Asian import, and domestic cars in Marlborough, MA for many years. We have been serving drivers in the region since the year 1994 and have progressively improved our services. If you have a flat tire on your Audi and need help changing the temporary spare tire, you can drive to our shop. We will help you with the change and also double-check the pressure on your tires to make sure it is appropriate for the road. Call us now to get your Audi tire back into tip-top shape at (508) 485-8633.