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Modern cars come equipped with all sorts of emissions control devices– the EGR valve being the most important. So, what’s the deal with this valve and why does your vehicle even need one? These are among the topics that we have covered in today’s blog post. The post also goes over some of the performance-related issues that you might have to deal with should your Audi’s EGR valve give up.

A Brief Note On The EGR Valve

EGR stands for Exhaust Gas Recirculation. Its sole purpose is to reduce NOx emission from a vehicle. Positioned between the exhaust and intake manifold, the EGR valve essentially allows a set portion of exhaust gas to enter the cylinder via the intake manifold. Introduction of this carbon dioxide-rich gas lowers the concentration of oxygen inside the combustion chamber; thereby lowering temperature. Reduced temperature will make it impossible for nitrogen atoms to form bonds with oxygen atoms.

To sum it up, the EGR valve prevents an internal combustion engine from producing oxides of nitrogen (NOx) by channeling a very specific amount of exhaust gas into the combustion chamber. As with any other car parts, EGR valve incorporated into your Audi can malfunction. A failing EGR valve, if not replaced on time, can contribute to various performance-related issues in a vehicle.

Impact Of EGR Valve Failure

#1- Reduced engine power

To prevent NOx formation the EGR valve lowers the combustion chamber temperature. It does that by routing a small portion of exhaust gas into the intake manifold. A defective valve may destabilize the air-to fuel proportion inside the cylinder by allowing too much of exhaust gas into the system. This is something that can adversely impact the engine’s overall efficiency.

#2- Increased emissions

Because of the EGR valve, your Audi’s NOx emissions stay in check. So, obviously… if a part of such significance malfunctions, emissions will surge and your vehicle will produce oxides of nitrogen at an alarming rate; posing environmental concerns. And guess what??? Your Audi might even fail an emissions inspection for this reason. Ensuring the upkeep of your vehicle’s EGR valve is therefore important.

#3- Declining fuel efficiency

Your Audi will start burning fuel at an abnormal pace if the EGR valve is not functioning as it should. Want to know why? Well, balanced air-to-fuel ratio (14.7:1) is crucial for a car engine to operate smoothly and efficiently. If there is something amiss with the EGR valve, air-to-fuel proportion inside the cylinder will be thrown off. As a result, the engine will run rough and burn fuel at an alarming rate.

#4- Rough idling & misfire

Off late, has your Audi’s engine RPM been jumping erratically at traffic stops? If so, there is a good chance that its EGR valve has given up and in need of repair. In addition to idling related issues, you might have to deal with cylinder misfire and an array of other troubles if your vehicle’s EGR decides to take some time off.

Addressing EGR Valve Issues

Being an important part of your Audi’s emissions control system, the EGR valve deserves special care. It is because of this component NOx generation by your vehicle stays within limits. A glitch in such a trivial looking part can cause your Audi to act up and even fail an emissions inspection. So, if your vehicle is exhibiting strange behaviors and you suspect that the EGR valve has something to do with it, get it checked by a certified technician. Replace the valve if there is indeed something amiss with it.

Professional Automotive: Your Trusted Audi Repair Shop In Marlborough

EGR or Exhaust Gas Recirculation valve is Audi EGR Valve Inspection an important part of your Audi’s emissions control system. If you don’t want your vehicle to fail an emissions inspection, you must ensure the upkeep of its EGR valve.

At Professional Automotive, we have all the necessary resources required to diagnose and fix all sorts of emissions control system-related issues in a European luxury vehicles including Audi cars. So, if you are in Marlborough, MA, or neighborhood cities and experiencing EGR valve issues, please visit our service center to get the issue diagnosed and fixed. Call us or visit our website to book an appointment today! We won’t disappoint you.