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Have you ever faced a sudden drop in your BMW’s engine power? One of the reasons behind this might be a problem with the ignition coil. Let’s take a look at ignition coils, how they function, and the consequences of their failure on the performance of your BMW’s engine. Knowing these factors will help you detect the signs of ignition coil failure and take the necessary measures to avoid the deterioration of your BMW’s performance.

What Are Ignition Coils and How Do They Work?

BMW ignition coils are one of the pieces of the ignition system. Their main task is to convert low-voltage electricity from the battery into the high-voltage electricity that is needed to ignite the fuel-air mixture in the combustion chambers of the engine. Each cylinder in your BMW’s engine has its own ignition coil. Ignition is timed with great precision and the combustion is highly efficient.

When you turn on your BMW, the battery creates a low-voltage electrical current that is transmitted to the ignition coil. After that, the ignition coil amplifies the voltage to around several thousand volts before transmitting it to the spark plug. The spark plug utilizes this high-voltage electricity to form a spark that ignites the mixture of fuel and air inside the cylinder through which power for the vehicle’s forward propulsion is generated.

Effects of Ignition Coil Failure on Engine Performance

  • Misfiring: Ignition coil failure is often one of the reasons for engine misfire. When the ignition coil fails, it sometimes won’t be able to generate enough voltage for the spark plug, so there will be incomplete combustion in the cylinder to which the coil is attached. This results in incomplete combustion, causing the engine to misfire. The car may also experience rough idling, hesitation, and loss of power.
  • Reduced Fuel Efficiency: Aside from the spark plugs, the ignition coil can also be a cause of decreased fuel efficiency in your BMW. When one or more pistons are not working correctly because of bad ignition coils, the engine makes use of more fuel to keep the engine performing as well as possible. Such conditions can lead to deterioration in fuel economy and an increase in the amount of fuel that your BMW consumes in the long run.
  • Difficulty Starting: The bad ignition coils might also have a negative impact on the starting of your BMW, especially when the weather is cold or when the car has been left for a long time. If the ignition coil is not able to supply a high enough voltage to get the spark plug working, the engine will have difficulty turning over or will not start at all.
  • Increased Emissions: An ignition coil malfunctioning will result in a considerable increase in the amount of emissions from the exhaust pipe of your BMW. The incomplete combustion of fuel within misfiring cylinders caused by faulty ignition coils can result in excess hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide being emitted into the exhaust air, causing the levels of these pollutants to rise. This may result in the pollution of your environment and your car might fail emission tests.

Professional Regular Maintenance

One of the most effective ways to reduce the probability of ignition coil failure in your BMW is to pay attention to the timely maintenance of your vehicle. The list of duties may include regular maintenance such as oil changes, filter replacements, and spark plug inspection. With preventive maintenance of your BMW by a professional mechanic, the chance of developing ignition coil failure and other engine problems is greatly reduced.

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