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Steering is one of the most important systems in your Volvo. It not only contributes to the overall performance of the vehicle, its operation is directly related to the safety of you and your safety passengers. Tie rods are components that are essential to the precision of the steering. The rods provide the connection from the steering and suspension system to the front wheels. This allows the wheels to turn with accuracy when as you turn the steering wheel.

Tie rods and tie rod ends can fall victim to wear and tear as you rack up the mileage in your Volvo. They can wear down quicker if you routinely drive in rough conditions. These conditions would include rugged roadways, bumps, potholes, and even speed bumps. There are some telling symptoms that signal a potential issue with the tie rods.

Signs of Bad Tie Rods

Misalignment of the front end
The tie rods work to maintain the alignment of your Volvo’s front end. When one becomes damaged or begins to malfunction, important parts can become loose. This loosening will lead to a misalignment in the front. A misalignment will cause the vehicle to drift left or right, even when it is being steering straight.

Unusual sounds
If you hear unusual sounds while driving your vehicle, it should be looked at immediately. When a tie rod end suffers a crack, it will lose valuable lubrication. This leads to a metal on metal scenario and your Volvo will “squeak” or “squeal.” This is especially true when taking curves.

Loose feeling steering wheel
As a tie rod or end goes bad, the steering wheel will experience play or feel loose. This is very serious. The entire system may be compromised and you will notice a complete lack of steering.

Tires wear abnormally
The tires on every vehicle will experience normal wear and tear. However, if tires are wearing unevenly, it can be a huge red flag. A defective tire rod will cause the edges to become uneven.

Vibrating Vehicle
Unevenly-worn tires will cause an uncomfortable and bumpy ride. This early symptom should be a cue to get your Volvo in the shop quickly.

These symptoms could be caused by other issues in the automobile. However, any one of these can be a direct result of a tie rod malfunction. It is imperative that you have the automobile looked at by a quality auto service center which specializes in European makes and models. Your Volvo requires a specific service plan and attention. Consulting a reputable automobile shop will ensure that your luxury vehicle continues to look and run like new.

Professional Automotive Proves to be the Volvo Experts

For over 2 decades, Professional Automotive has been the top dealership alternative for inspection, diagnosis, service, and repair for the Volvo line of automobiles. For residents in and around Marlborough, MA, our team is a reputable service station, providing high-quality service for European makes and models. A few of the services we provide include:

Our team consists of ASE-certified technicians who only use the most advanced tools and equipment to service your Volvo. Backed by our 24-month/24,000-mile warranty, you can feel confident in the labor and parts used to fix your automobile. We also offer complimentary loaner vehicles in an effort to maintain your daily routine.

The Volvo is world renowned for its commitment to safety, performance, and design. At Professional Automotive, we pride ourselves on delivering service that keeps your car performing at its best. Taking care of your automobile will ensure its longevity and keep it operating safely and efficiently. Dealerships tend to overcharge and require repeated visits to fix a problem. We truly are your #1 dealership alternative in the Marlborough area. Visit our service center today to make sure your vehicle gets the attention it needs and deserves. Don’t wait any longer, call us today. Let our professionals take care of your Volvo needs.