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If you want your BMW’s engine to run cool even on a swelteringly hot summer day, it needs a consistent flow of coolant from the radiator through the entire engine. The water pump is the main component that ensures that flow is maintained.

In perfect working condition, the water pump will help your BMW maintain a consistent, accurate operating temperature and help ensure your vehicle runs smoothly. If the water pump on your BMW starts to fail, you can end up with complete engine failure. Let’s take a more in-depth look at what your water pump does and how to know if yours is failing.

What is a Water Pump?

The water pump is an important component that helps keep the coolant circulating. This circulation ensures that the engine remains at the proper operating temperature. If the coolant was not circulated adequately, the engine could overheat, which can lead to additional issues and possible damages.

failing water pump can also go bad from leaking coolant. Most water pumps are designed to last up to 100,000 miles. If your water pump is failing or stops working completely, you’ll want a certified mechanic to relapse it with an original-equipment level unit of the highest quality. There are less expensive pumps on the market but they could have a service life as low as 30,000 miles. This is not the component to skimp on.

Common Warning Signs that Your Water Pump is Failing

Coolant Leak at the Front-Center of your Car

There are multiple gaskets and seals on your water pump that keep the coolant contained and help ensure that a consistent supply of coolant flows from the radiator to the engine. Over time, these gaskets and seals can dry up, wear out, crack, or completely break off.

When gaskets and seals are no longer in top condition coolant can leak from your water pump and pool on the ground, typically towards the front of your vehicle and towards the center of your engine’s location.

Corrosion, Rust, and Deposit Buildup of the Water Pump

If your water pump leaks long enough, you may end up with a buildup of various minerals around the pump. Looking under the hood, you might notice rust on the pump’s surface. This rust can occur due to contaminated or non-compatiblecoolant mixtures or from a cap that is damaged and letting in excess air.

Using the wrong coolant mixture could also cause a buildup of deposits inside the pump which would slow down the process of cooling the engine. You might also notice small holes due to corrosion in the metal or little vapor bubbles in the coolant that collapses with force sufficient to create cavities on the surface. All of these instances warrant a visit to a reliable auto repair shop.

Loose Water Pump Pulley

If you hear a high-pitched whining sound coming from the front of your motor, you could have a loose water pump pulley. If the belt becomes loose, you could hear a buzzing or whining sound as it circulates. The belt can come loose if the water pump pulley itself is loose or if the water pump bearings are starting to wear out.

If you notice any of these sounds, have a mechanic take a look at your car right away. If caught soon enough, your mechanic might be able to repair the pump. If this issue goes unchecked and the bearings fail completely, then the unit may not be viable for repair and instead may need to be completely replaced.

Overheating Engine

When a water pump fails, it will no longer circulate coolant through the engine block, resulting in an engine that overheats. If not fixed quickly, there can be additional engine damage such as pushed head gasketsburnt pistons, or cracked cylinder heads. If you notice that your engine is running hot a lot of the time, it is most likely due to an issue with the water pump.

Radiator Steam

One sure sign that your engine is overheating is steam coming from your radiator. If the pump is not working correctly you may see steam coming from the radiator. If this happens while you are driving, you should pull over immediately and contact a reliable mechanic.

Where to Have The Water Pump in Your BMW Fixed or Replaced

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