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Damage to one of your Volvo’s struts can turn a smooth ride into a not so pleasant one. Volvos are built to last. The engineering that goes into them is reliability-minded. These cars are well-known to last hundreds of thousands of miles when properly maintained.

No matter how well engineered and built a vehicle is, sometimes things go wrong. When this happens, you must have a trusted source to fix any issues that arise. In this article, we will discuss how to deal with front strut failure issues in your Volvo.

The Purpose of Struts

The primary reason struts exist is to brace the vehicle from its weight as it drives. Struts are also designed to absorb any impacts from road hazards and keep your Volvo riding smoothly on the road. Pistons built into struts act to absorb outside energies. Once a strut fails, the car will no longer have a smooth ride, and road imperfections will be felt in your cabin as you drive.

Causes of a Strut Failure

As any mechanical equipment, struts will wear over time and should be changed every few thousand miles to provide the cushion your Volvo demands. Other instances of strut failure are normally due to:

  • Striking curbs when making turns is a common reason for strut damage and harm to the rest of your Volvo’s suspension system. Making too sharp turns will cause your tire to hit the curb, resulting in a damaged strut.
  • Striking a pothole at high speeds may be the leading cause of struts and ball joints damage on your suspension.
  • Driving a car in an area close to saltwater or in cold states where the roads are salted will cause corrosion to your car’s suspension. After a time, the corrosion will cause the parts underneath your Volvo to rust through and be ineffective at cushioning your ride.

The Dangers of Not Replacing Bad Struts

Many car owners go the entire life of their cars without replacing struts. Although your engine will still run with a bad strut, the damage you are doing to the suspension will build over time. Car owners who do not repair their bad struts usually have to fix bigger issues caused by the broken part.

Your Volvo’s suspension system works in tandem to give you control and protect your car from damage. As soon as one of the components fails, it will not protect the others from damage. This is a dangerous situation because even if your car drives, you can lose control of your vehicle if components like tie-rods or bushings fail entirely due to poor struts.

Signs You have Failing Struts

There are ways to know if struts or other parts of your suspension are in need of repair. Let’s take a look at a few examples:

  • You can hear popping sounds coming from under your vehicle. When struts, bushings, and tie-rods begin to fail, all will make an occasional popping sound. These pops sound like a rock is striking the bottom of your car.
  • Small bumps feel large. With poor struts, you no longer have the ability to cushion your ride. If you strike a small road defect and the shock from it feels abnormally harsh, you may have strut issues.
  • Your Volvo drifts. This is common in cars with suspension issues. When driving straight, your car should not drift side to side as you lightly hold the steering wheel. If you find yourself pulling your car back into your lane, you may have strut or other suspension issues.

How to Deal With Front Strut Failure

The best way to keep your struts from failing is to have your Volvo serviced according to the manufacturer’s warranty. Choose a garage that understands the importance of having your suspension system working safely.

By having your car serviced on time, technicians trained on how to service a Volvo will inspect struts and the rest of your suspension for potential issues. Recognizing a problem and correcting it before it completely fails is a sure way to keep you on the road and avoid expensive repairs from damage later.

Allow Professional Automotive to Help You

If you experience strut issues and live in the Marlborough, MA, area, Professional Automotive can help find a solution. Our certified technicians will diagnose and repair your struts and inspect your entire Volvo’s suspension system for damage. Contact us today to bring your car in for repair or service to keep your vehicle in its best condition.