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As the owner and operator of a BMW, you truly are aware of the characteristics that set this line of automobiles apart from the competition. Labeled as “The Ultimate Driving Machine”, your BMW encompasses luxury, safety, quality, innovation and optimal performance. The reputation of BMW is excellence; they have become one of the most popular and recognizable international brands.

Drivers from around the world will give varied answers when asked why they prefer BMW over any other European brand in the industry. Some will say it is the amazing horsepower, the powerful torque or the efficient gas mileage. Others may touch on the attention to the most minute details, innovative style and unsurpassed luxury found in the line. BMW has built their company by constantly pushing the envelope and always using the latest technology to improve their manufacturing. This commitment to innovation and becoming one of the frontrunners among international automobiles leads to the production of dependable, modern makes and models.

These are just a few of the reasons that your BMW should be serviced with the utmost care and expertise. While it is important for your automobile to undergo regularly scheduled maintenancemechanical issues may develop that compromise its performance. As an owner, you need to be mindful of such problems and have them diagnosed as soon as possible.

Common Problems That May Affect Your BMW

Every vehicle is different and can develop problems based on the location, driving conditions, operator, accidents and other various factors. However, there are a few common issues that BMWs seem to experience.

Malfunction of Electrical Components

Many owners have experienced electrical problems with several different BMW models. A faulty wiring system has led to issues ranging from a breakdown in the HVAC system to malfunctioning windshield wipers. These problems can also affect the windows, by preventing movement or creating difficulty going up and down.
Leaking Power Steering Fluid

Some vehicles may fall victim to a leak in the power steering fluid. You may hear a loud screeching or whining when turning or notice a fluid leak under the car. You may also observe an unusually low amount of fluid in the reservoir. These are all signs of a potential leak. A leak left unresolved can lead to extreme damage to the engine and other components.


If you suffer from a high pressure pump malfunction, you can potentially experience sputtering when driving your BMW. This will normally occur when traveling at high speeds or during acceleration.

Vibration in the Steering Wheel When Braking

In some series, drivers have complained of vibration when applying the brakes. This could be the result of the braking components, including faulty rotors. A malfunction within the braking system can be extremely dangerous during operation.

Oil Leaks

There have been multiple instances where owners have noticed an oil leak in BMWs with over 55,000 miles. Most of these complaints have led to the discovery of issues with the oil pan or valve cover gaskets.

Consult the BMW Experts at Professional Automotive

Your BMW requires an expert level of service to ensure it is performing and operating at its best. For over 2 decades, Professional Automotive has been providing the highest quality auto repair for the residents of BerlinBoltonHudsonFraminghamNorthboroughShrewsburyStowSudburySouthboroughWestborough and Marlborough, MA. Our technicians are ASE Certified and utilize only the latest technology in relation to our equipment. Customer service is our top priority; we offer a 24 month/24,000 mile warranty on labor and parts.

We understand the intricate and detailed service that your BMW needs to continue to be the luxury vehicle you purchased. Professional Automotive offers complete maintenance, inspection, diagnosis and repair for these unique European automobiles.

Our commitment to qualityconvenience and dependability is highlighted by some of the advantages we offer. These include:

  • Large fleet of loaner vehicles.
  • Offer Original Equipment Parts When Possible.
  • Top Notch Service Team.
  • Voted Top Choice Auto Repair in Marlborough Area.

If you take care of your car, it will take care of you. Let us help keep your BMW in tip top shape. Contact one of our friendly staff members today for an appointment!