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Volvos are renowned for their state-of-the-art design and reliable overall performance. It’s a first-choice manufacturer for many car lovers. However, many Volvo cars suffer from an HVAC compressor failure.

In a Volvo car, the HVAC system is responsible for keeping the cabin temperature comfortable for the driver and passengers. If the HVAC system is faulty, it can seriously affect the comfort of whoever is seated in the car.

The effects of a bad HVAC system are more noticeable during hot, humid months. There are many components in the system that could be responsible for the fault, but the most common culprit is the compressor.

There’s no doubt that your Volvo is built to stand the test of time. But there is also a chance that it could suffer some minor mechanical malfunctions. You don’t have to drive in discomfort because of a faulty HVAC compressor. Let an expert check it out for you.

Signs of HVAC Compressor Failure

When the compressor in your HVAC system is working optimally, it should function quietly. As soon as you start to hear various grinding or squealing noises, it may be a sign of an HVAC problem. This noise could be a sign that the compressor is faulty or that its bearings have stopped moving.

The internal temperature of your cabin is also a clear indication of your HVAC compressor’s working condition. If you notice that the temperature drops frequently or the cabin suddenly becomes uncomfortable, it may be a sign of an underlying problem. If you also observe that the air conditioning is not effective, seek the help of an expert technician.

HVAC compressors are designed with a clutch. If this component gets stuck or broken, the compressor will run continuously or fail to function at all.

Causes of HVAC Compressor Failure

As you drive your Volvo, you subject its components to wear and tear. The more mileage that you put on the Volvo, the higher the chances of a faulty HVAC compressor. After years of use, the blower motor may give out and stop working.

Effects of wear and tear on the HVAC system combined with poor maintenance can lead to a compressor failure. An overheating resistor motor is another recurrent problem in Volvos. It’s caused by an improper measurement during the car’s assembly at the manufacturer’s factory. The excessive heat on the resistor motor may lead the HVAC blower to stop working.

How to Prevent HVAC Compressor Failure

To prevent the compressor in your HVAC system from failing, you should do the following:

  • Be aware of your car’s working condition and be on the lookout for refrigerant leaks. These leaks are an indicator of a developing problem in the HVAC system. Any leaks need to be fixed as soon as possible to prevent a total breakdown.
  • Pay attention to maintenance and inspection schedules. Regular maintenance is a great way to spot the problem before it gets too serious. Make sure to check the HVAC system before the start of the hot summer season.

If you’ve noticed any problem with your HVAC system, you need professional help. Visit a reliable service center to check the condition of the components in this system. If an issue is detected with the compressor, address it immediately to prevent it from getting worse. Quickly addressing an HVAC compressor failure is a great way to avoid driving in uncomfortable cabin conditions.

Professional Automotive is Ready to Help You

If you suspect that your car has suffered HVAC compression failure, Professional Automotive is best poised to help you. We have been providing auto repair services and friendly support to car owners since 1994.

Professional Automotive offers a long list of maintenance and repair services for domestic and import vehicles from different manufacturers. It doesn’t matter if you want a simple oil change or a full car system’s diagnostic check, we’ve got you covered.

At Professional Automotive, our aim is customer satisfaction and to offer our community excellent professional services. We have the best auto repair services in Marlborough, MA, and surrounding towns. Come visit our one-stop repair shop for proper upkeep and maintenance of your Volvo model. Call us today for a convenient appointment!