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Your BMW’s clutch is a robust and hardworking assembly of parts — one whose repair can be intricate enough that it should never be attempted by amateur mechanics. However, bad driving habits, low maintenance, and high mileage can all result in a clutch that needs repair and replacement. Let’s take a closer look at this issue.

Function of the Clutch

The clutch is in charge of transferring power from the engine to the wheels which allows for gear changes. The clutch is also used in a variety of driving situations, such as waiting in traffic or navigating steep hills. Your clutch is an assembly of parts which is made up of the clutch plate and the flywheel. These parts are connected to the engine shaft and the wheel shaft. When the clutch pedal is lifted, the pressure plate remains pressed against the flywheel, which gives the wheels power. When the pedal is pressed, the pressure plate moves away from the flywheel, which momentarily severs the connection between the engine and the wheels. This allows for a gear change.

How to Tell if you Have Clutch Issues

A bad clutch can give drivers a variety of signs and symptoms including the following:

  • Slipping gears, including the unexpected revving of your BMW and slow acceleration.
  • Increase in fuel consumption.
  • Needing to stomp the clutch pedal to get a response.
  • Stiff clutch or a vibrating clutch.
  • Changing gears becomes increasingly difficult.
  • When pressing the clutch pedal, you can hear vibrations from the gearbox.

Checking your Clutch for Wear

You can diagnose clutch wear issues by undertaking the following tests:

  • Sit in your BMW and gently pressure your clutch pedal. If you notice that this takes very little effort, then your clutch may be worn.
  • Take your BMW on a drive and accelerate in 3rd or 4th gear. If you notice your engine revving, but your vehicle doesn’t speed up, then your clutch isn’t working correctly.
  • Start your BMW and slowly shift into 3rd gear and apply the clutch. Slowly release your foot off the clutch. If your BMW stalls, then your clutch is working correctly, but if your car still drives then the clutch is slipping.

Fixing your Clutch

Clutch repair is something best left to the experts. Attempting DIY repairs will likely only make things worse and result in an expensive repair bill, when the initial repair may have been quick and affordable for a professional to make.

Maintaining your Clutch

You can extend the lifespan of your clutch by following the good driving practices listed below:

Don’t ride your clutch

This bad habit of drivers can really expedite the wear of your clutch and is indicative of a driver that constantly rests their foot on the clutch pedal when driving. Instead, only press the clutch pedal when needed. If you’re not using it, don’t abuse it.

Reduce your RPMs

When pulling away from a red light, for example, do not accelerate faster than necessary. This will save your clutch and your gas mileage. You should also reduce the revs when idle also.

Avoid leaving your car in gear

When you park, be sure to put your BMW in neutral and put the handbrake on. This will make sure you are not abusing the clutch.

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