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Hondas are known for being well-built, reliable Japanese cars. The internal combustion engines manufactured by them are among the best-produced motors in the industry. They are known for their extensive range of multi-cylinder engines.

Despite their reputation, no engine is immune to the potential of failure during its lifetime. Issues like engine block cracking and ceasing to work are real possibilities that could happen to your Honda model.

To help protect your car against any potential issues with your engine block, we’ve compiled a quick guide on the essentials of what to know about engine blocks and how to identify the potential problems with them. If you see any of these symptoms manifesting in your Honda, we highly recommend you bring your car to a skilled mechanic for inspection and diagnostic testing.

What You Should Know About Engine Blocks

Your Honda’s engine block holds all the components of the bottom portion of your motor. Also known as a cylinder block, this section will have various things happening at any given time, such as your crankshaft spinning and pistons moving up and down. Most engine blocks are made out of an aluminum alloy, though older cars often had their engine blocks made out of iron.

The primary purpose of an engine block, in a nutshell, is to help support some of the components of your car’s engine and also to transfer heat away from the engine to avoid overheating. Since aluminum alloys have strong thermal conductivity, engine blocks use them as their base material.

In addition to these functions, the engine block also helps to provide oil and coolant passages to the engine. This assists in sealing oil and coolant inside the engine.

Signs You Might Have A Faulty Engine Block

One good thing about engine blocks is that they are designed to last a vehicle’s entire lifetime. Despite this, there is the chance that you may encounter an issue with your Honda’s engine block. While a mechanic will be able to tell you if your engine block is having problems, you will want to be on the lookout for signs that something is wrong. Here are just a few of the most common symptoms that you will want to be aware of.

  • Your engine is leaking coolant or oil. A pretty specific symptom, leaking coolant or oil could be caused by several things, like a cracked engine block. Even if the engine block doesn’t cause this, it is still a problem you will want to investigate at a professional automotive shop.
  • Your exhaust is ejecting more smoke than usual. As the engine block will redirect heat away from the engine, thick smoke from your exhaust could be caused by having a broken engine block.
  • You see smoke coming from the hood of your car. For the same reasons as the previous point, an overheated engine could be the cause of smoke from your hood. Issues with engine blocks are often the cause.
  • Your car doesn’t accelerate as quickly as it used to. If your Honda’s engine is overheating and preventing the acceleration from working how it should, this could indicate a variety of issues. A faulty engine block is one of the potential causes for this.

Professional Automotive Can Block Out Any Problems

Professional Automotive has been servicing cars since 1994. Whether it is an issue with your Honda’s Honda Disassembled Engine Block engine block, brake inspections, oil changes, tire and wheel repairs, or anything else, we have you covered.

We believe in doing our repairs right the first time, which is why we hire ASE-certified technicians with years of experience diagnosing and repairing issues with cars. Our technicians have countless years of combined experience working on Honda, Nissan, Ford, Jeep, BMW, and various other domestic, European, and Asian vehicles.

Rest assured that we can fix any problem you have quickly and efficiently and offer a 24-month/24,000 mile warranty for your protection.

If you feel that your engine block is having problems, we encourage you to make an appointment at Professional Automotive today to have a mechanic look into your issue. You can call us or stop inside our shop at 19 Mechanic St in Marlborough, MA. We also service communities in and around Hudson, Northborough, Southborough, Sudbury, Westborough, Stow, Bolton, Berlin, and Framingham areas. We look forward to earning your business!

* Honda Car image credit goes to: Domagoj.