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The braking system of your Toyota is easily one of the most overlooked parts. However, the braking system of any car is vital to its road safety. This means they have to be constantly checked to determine if they are in perfect working condition. The following tell-tale signs may be an indication of a damaged brake hose in your Toyota car.

Worn-out Brake Hose

The brake hose is designed to be durable and long-lasting but may also develop cracks and deteriorate after some time. Brake hoses are constantly exposed to harsh weather and working conditions. They are subject to extreme heat, extreme cold, abrasion, high hydraulic pressure, and so on. These factors contribute to the steady deterioration of the hose until it needs to be replaced.

Worn-out brake hoses will undoubtedly leak fluid. If left unchecked for longer, the entire braking system may fail, too. A simple visual inspection will reveal the state of your brake hose to you. However, you may decide to get a professional pair of eyes to check through your car’s engine. It’s a great idea to allow an expert to check the state of your brake hose. They will check for:

  • Cracks
  • Tears
  • Loose threads
  • Bulges and so on

When a mechanic spots any extensive damage to your brake hose, they will recommend a replacement.

Soft Brake Pedal

If your brake pedal feels unusually soft or compresses quickly as you step on it, your brake hose may have already suffered extensive damage.

What you need to know is that a soft brake pedal leaks fluid. Only a fraction of the fluid being transported will make it to its destination. As a result of the leakage in the system, the brake fluid level drops substantially. It will keep dropping to a level when the entire braking system will become ineffective.

The stopping power of your car will reduce, and the brake pedal will get softer. Anytime you are unable to generate enough pressure on your brake, it may be time to get someone to look under the hood.

Non-functional Brakes

There may also be a situation where your brakes completely will fail to work. Every informed car owner should know that abrupt brake failures are rare.

The car would give clear warning signs such as corroded end fittings for your brake hose, a soft pedal, or brake fluid puddles. Ignoring these warning signs could cause the brake hose to be completely severed. When this happens, it means that the link between the braking system and the cylinder is gone. If left unattended, it could be detrimental to the car owner.

A non-functional brake could also be a result of damages to the brake line, brake caliper, vacuum brake booster, or other components of the braking system. When your brake fails, hire a professional mechanic to fix the problem.

How Often You Should Replace Your Brake Hose

Now, you’re aware of signs of damaged brake hoses in your Toyota, but how often should you replace it to prevent extensive damage to other components of the braking system?

Many professionals suggest that a rubber brake hose can be used for about 6 years. However, stainless steel hoses can be used between 5 to 10 years. There is no direct way to predict how long a particular hose will last because of the varying conditions that it will endure.

Asides from the type of material used in its construction, these are some of the factors that can affect the lifespan of a brake hose:

  • Driving habits
  • Road conditions
  • Maintenance habits

Let Professional Automotive Help You

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