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Infiniti car owners have come to love this brand for their smooth drive and performance. There are some common problems with the Infiniti brand, particularly when it comes to ensuring proper wheel alignment. This is one of the simpler ways of keeping your Infiniti in peak form, so when something goes wrong with alignment, you can feel it.

Being aware of the signs of wheel misalignment can tip drivers off to an issue before your tires and gasmileage suffer the consequences.

The Importance of Wheel Alignment

When an Infiniti rolls off the assembly line, manufacturers have already made sure its tires are aligned to precise specifications, ensuring a smooth drive. When the vehicle is finally in your hands, the suspension and steering wheel should already be exactly calibrated before you take it off the lot.

Your tires need to be aligned in a few different planes. Camber is a term used to talk about one type of alignment, referring to the inward or outward tilt of the tops of the tires. Toe refers to the front of the tires, which can be misaligned with inward facing toes or outward facing toes.

Misalignment of the wheels does not have to result from any major damage but can happen progressively from normal use and aging of the parts. Driving through rough conditions can undo the precise alignment calibrations more quickly. Riding on poorly-maintained roads, bumping through potholes, or grinding against a curb can easily cause the suspension to move out of its precise alignment.

Common Signs of Misaligned Wheels

Driving through rough road conditions is sure to put some wear on your car. Any wheel misalignment that may occur will cause additional problems. Unfortunately, there are no dashboard warning lights that can alert you to misaligned wheels. There are, however, several signs you can take note of just by driving or taking a quick look at your tires.

  • One of the hallmark signs that wheels have been knocked out of alignment is uneven wear of tire treads. Normally, treads should wear down evenly across the face of the tire. If you notice that, for example, the inside face of the tire tread is more worn down than the outside, this can tip you off to wheel misalignment. Uneven treads accelerate tire wear and can decrease the life of a tire by thousands of miles.
  • Problems with the alignment can also lead to poor handling. If the camber or toe of the wheels is off, the tire will not spin evenly while driving. This can result in a noticeably bumpy ride. You may also have trouble turning, or that your tires slip and squeal against the road as you turn. Uneven spinning tires will also cause poor gas mileage, costing you more the pump.
  • You might notice that your vehicle is pulling to the left or right. Perhaps your steering wheel is crooked one way or the other. You could also feel that the steering wheel is vibrating or slightlyrotating to one side or the other, even when driving straight on smooth roads. These are all potential signs of problems with the tire alignment.

Professional Automotive will Properly Align your Wheels

Making sure your wheels are properly aligned is a simple way to assure your Infiniti is driving its smoothest. Routinely check your tire treads so you can pick up on badly-aligned wheels. By the time you see uneven wear or a shaky steering wheel, it is already time for you to bring it in to have the alignment repaired. As a rule of thumb, tire alignment should be checked about every 6000 miles or at least with every oil change.

Wheel alignment is not something you can easily correct on your own. If you notice that Infiniti’s wheels may be out of alignment, look no further than Professional Automotive for help. Our ASE-certified technicians are experts in the repair and maintenance of imported and domestic vehicles.

The need for a tire realignment is easy to recognize. It is fixed quickly and affordably. We can reset your Infiniti’s alignment to manufacturer specifications and have you back on the road safely. We have proudly served the communities of the Marlborough, MA area since 1994. Call us or come in today to speak to one of our expert technicians.

* Infiniti FX35 image credit goes to: DarthArt