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Mercedes vehicles are well-known for being some of the best on the market when it comes to power, performance, and luxury. One of the features that drivers appreciate is the smooth shifting of gears that other luxury vehicles may not provide. Unfortunately, even Mercedes cars can develop issues that take the fun out of driving and in some cases can drain your wallet when it comes to repairs. One of these common problems is the malfunction of the gear selector.

In this article, you are going to learn how to recognize the warning signs of gear selector failure and why this part often fails; in the end, you’ll also be able to begin fixing the issue in your Mercedes so you can get back on the road again in no time.

The Warning Signs of Gear Selector Failure in a Mercedes

Since the gear selector in your Mercedes is part of the transmission, it is crucial that you recognize the warning signs of failure in time to resolve the issue before it gets worse. Transmissions are one of the most costly parts of a vehicle to fix, so pay close attention when you are driving and take note if any of the following things happen:

You hear grinding or clicking noises while shifting
Your Mercedes may make noises for any sort of reason, but the important thing is to note when it happens. If you hear a grinding or clicking when you shift, it’s a bad sign that your gear selector is running into issues.

Rough shifting while you drive
When you shift gears, your Mercedes should not jerk. If it does, your gear selector could be to blame. While there are other underlying causes of hard shifting, you should not count out gear selector malfunction.

You have trouble shifting from “Drive” to “Reverse.”
This could be an incredibly dangerous problem when the gear selector in your Mercedes is failing. If you need to make a quick reverse, you may not be able to do so in time. Fixing the gear selector immediately is absolutely vital at this point.

Reasons for Gear Selector Failure in a Mercedes

There are a few different reasons why the gear selector in your Mercedes would be malfunctioning or failing. Getting to the root of the problem allows a technician to fix up your vehicle quickly and efficiently. Let’s discuss why the gear selector may fail.

Manufacturer error
It is a common problem that leads to gear selector failure in Mercedes cars. While each vehicle is held to high safety standards, you can’t always prevent something from falling through the cracks. Testing is not always as thorough as it should be, but that is an issue you would likely run into no matter what brand you buy from.

Normal wear and tear
All parts of a car will fail over time. Your gear selector is not an exception to the rule. Continuous use and exposure to the elements wear these parts down; repairs are inevitable, and you should plan for them accordingly.

Valve body failure
The valve body in your Mercedes is an integral part of your transmission. It allows hydraulic fluid to flow through all of the transmission’s bits and pieces, ensuring that you shift gears smoothly.

How to Resolve Gear Selector Failure in Your Mercedes

Now you know how to spot the problem and why it may be happening to your car. The next step is to resolve the issue by taking your Mercedes to a qualified technician. While a standard mechanic may do a great job, it is always best to entrust your luxury car to a team that specializes in the complicated system that goes beyond domestic vehicle brands. That being said, you may be wondering where you should go.

You can rest assured that your Mercedes is in good hands with our hardworking technicians at Professional Automotive. We have been committed to high-quality automotive care for over 25 years, honing our experience and skills longer than any competition.

Professional Automotive is located in Marlborough, MA and we serve the surrounding community area. Make an appointment when you need a quick and proper fix. Let us show you what we can do for you to become your trusted Mercedes service and maintenance center.