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When storing your Subaru for an extended amount of time, taking necessary precautions is key to ensuring its preservation and optimal performance when you return from vacation, deployment, or just seasonal automobile storage. Below are key aspects of long term storage of your Subaru, including risks from improper storage methods, advantages from taking an effective approach, and an in-depth step-by-step procedure designed to protect it.

Understanding the Risks of Improper Subaru Storage

Improper storage can expose your Subaru to multiple risks that could compromise its condition, including:

  • Battery Drainage: Letting your Subaru sit idle for too long can result in battery drain, making it hard or impossible to start it when you return. This is particularly the case with modern Subarus equipped with advanced electronics which continue to drain power even when not being used.
  • Tire Damage: Long-term pressure in one spot on a tire can cause flat spots that create an uncomfortable ride and potentially result in tire deterioration due to temperature variations and sunlight exposure, potentially leading to cracks or tire wear and tear.
  • Fuel Contamination: Sitting fuel can quickly break down, leading to fuel system clogs that impede engine performance and can even result in condensation, leading to even further issues within your Subaru’s fuel system.
  • Fluid Degradation: Allowing fluids to sit idle for too long can lead to their degradation and contamination, potentially impacting various systems such as engines, transmissions, brakes and cooling systems.

The Benefits of Proper Subaru Storage

Proper storage offers many significant advantages for your Subaru car or SUV, including:

  • Avoiding Mechanical Issues: By adhering to proper storage procedures, you can minimize the chances of mechanical problems arising due to prolonged inactivity. This includes protecting engine components, seals, and gaskets from potential wear-and-tear.
  • Protecting Battery Life: By taking steps to preserve the life of your Subaru battery during storage, you can help ensure it will still function upon returning – saving the headache of dealing with dead batteries that require jump-starting or replacement services.
  • Protecting Exterior and Interior: Proper storage can protect both the exterior and interior of your Subaru from weather-related damage, such as UV rays, precipitation, and extreme temperatures. It also reduces interior issues that could arise from moisture build-up or lack of ventilation, such as mold growth and pest infestations.

Steps for Storing Your Subaru Correctly

To ensure long-term storage without risking damage or performance issues, follow these detailed steps:

  • Clean and Prepare: Clean your Subaru thoroughly from top to bottom to remove dirt, salt, and debris that could contribute to corrosion. Once finished washing and drying it completely, add quality wax or sealant protection on top to protect the paintwork against oxidation risks and ensure its maximum life span. Thoroughly clean the interior, eliminating food debris, wrappers and perishable items that might attract pests.
  • Fluid Maintenance: To protect the engine during storage, change both oil and filter before putting your Subaru away in storage to ensure clean oil remains present for engine operation. This also keeps any potential emissions liabilities out of your way!
  • Battery Maintenance: To avoid drainage of the battery’s negative terminal and maintain charge using an automatic trickle charger or battery maintainer is to disconnect its negative terminal to stop leakage. Or you could use an alternative charging method, such as a battery maintenance system or trickle charger instead. Additionally, consider removing and storing it away in a cool environment when not being used for prolonged periods.
  • Tire Care: Your tires will need to be inflated to their recommended pressure in order to prevent flat spots and maintain proper tire shape during storage.
  • Indoor Storage: When possible, store your Subaru indoors in an environment which provides adequate ventilation and temperature regulation, such as a temperature-controlled space to avoid extreme temperature changes.
  • Vehicle Preparation: Tightly close all windows and sunroofs to keep moisture from entering the cabin. Then, install a moisture absorber/desiccant to help lower humidity levels in your vehicle. If storing your Subaru in an area known to attract pest infestation, use mouse traps or deterrents to keep pests away.

Get Subaru Storage Help at Professional Automotive

Proper storage of your Subaru is crucial to its condition and performance when you return to driving it again. By understanding the risks associated with improper storage, recognizing its advantages, and following this guide’s steps step-by-step, you can rest easy knowing your Subaru will remain in pristine condition during its downtime.

For assistance or any specific concerns related to Subaru vehicles, don’t hesitate to reach out to Professional Automotive in Marlborough, MA. Our professional team has you covered with customized advice tailored just for your vehicle!

* Blue Subaru Impreza Car image credit goes to: hfriday7613.