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Volkswagens have been the chosen brand for many car owners for over 80 years. The company itself has faced some controversy. However, despite the hiccups of Volkswagen’s history, people in the modern era love their vehicles as much as they did decades ago. Each vehicle provides a pleasant driving experience that makes them stand out among other luxury cars. However, even vehicles as powerful as these run into problems. One of the more common issues that Volkswagens face is muffler bracket failure . In this article, we will discuss what a muffler bracket does, why it may fail, the signs of failure, and what you can do to fix the issue.

What is the function of a muffler bracket?

The muffler bracket or exhaust hanger in your Volkswagen simply keeps your exhaust system in place. The exhaust system hangs underneath your car, and the muffler bracket prevents it from touching the road while you drive.

Warning Signs of Muffler Bracket Failure in a Volkswagen

signs of failure which can be spotted if you pay close attention. It is important to take note if your driving experience changes for the worse in any way, be it immediate or gradual.

The first thing you may notice is that your exhaust pipe is fully visible. When the muffler bracket is held firmly in place, you will be able to see part of the pipe, but never all of it.

Another more obvious warning sign of muffler bracket failure is a loud hissing noise that comes from the exhaust while driving. You may also hear banging noises. Pay attention when you accelerate or drive during colder temperatures. The hissing noise comes from a leak in the exhaust pipe due to holes . The holes in your pipe are caused by the exhaust scraping the ground or jostling because the bracket is unable to hold it in place.

A gradual change in your fuel efficiency and power could happen for several reasons. In conjunction with the above issues though, you can infer that your muffler bracket may be failing and has been for a while. The longer that your muffler bracket goes without being repaired, the more issues that it causes to your Volkswagen’s engine to the detriment of performance and efficiency.

The Importance of Repairing Muffler Brackets

The muffler bracket of your Volkswagen or any other part experiencing malfunction needs to be diagnosed and repaired immediately . At first, the issues may not seem important enough to fix. You may have excuses such as a busy schedule or your budget may be tight at the moment. What many people fail to understand is that your schedule will get even busier and your money even tighter when more problems occur due to an unrepaired part that causes you to undergo expensive repairs and the need for a loaner car.

Every part of your Volkswagen works together to make your driving experience superb. If one part fails, the others follow suit. If you let it get serious enough, you could be looking at thousands of dollars in repairs or a totally unfixable car in the worst case.

How to Repair Muffler Bracket Failure

If you are concerned about any of these issues, the best thing to do is get to a Volkswagen specialist today. For those in the Marlborough, MA area, finding help can be easy. Our specialists at Professional Automotive have been servicing all makes and models of vehicles for over 2 decades. You can trust that we will handle your intricate foreign car with the utmost care to deliver speedy and thorough service you can trust. When you come to us, we can work with your budget, unlike dealerships who can overcharge for the simplest of repairs.

If you would like to make an appointmentcall (508) 485-8633 or go online to schedule with us . Our professionals will answer your questions to the best of their ability and get you back on the road in no time. We look forward to becoming your trusted Volkswagen repair and maintenance shop for all your future needs.