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The timing chain on your Volkswagen is an important yet often overlooked component. It plays an integral role in maintaining the compression of your engine by keeping proper tension applied to other important components.

When the timing chain in a Volkswagen fails, it is startlingly clear. Although it may not be identified as this issue until later on, you will most certainly experience noticeable problems when your timing chain on your Volkswagen is not working as it should.

Timing chains should typically be replaced between 80,000 to 120,000 miles, so after a bit of time it is appropriate to assume a faulty timing chain could be the cause of performance issues in your Volkswagen. Let’s look at a few signs to look for when you think your timing chain could be causing your Volkswagen trouble.

Indications of a Defective Timing Chain

When your timing chain isn’t working properly, you’ll definitely notice something off with your Volkswagen. Without knowledge and experience, you may not be able to pinpoint your concerns to a timing chain issue. However, professionals with adequate training and experience can use diagnostic tools and common knowledge to detect the issue.

  • Engine misfiring: When the engine of a Volkswagen misfires, it’s a sign there is something more serious occurring in the powertrain. As a sign of a lack of fuel, a faulty timing chain can contribute to engine misfires.
  • Rattling sounds: As an indication that something is loose, rattling sounds can be caused by slack in the timing chain that isn’t being held taut, as it should.
  • Metal shavings in the oil: Nearly undetectable unless you’re getting your oil changed and a technician notices, metal shavings can be caused by parts rubbing together and deteriorating over time.
  • Engine failure: Sometimes, if your timing chain is in a bad state, your engine won’t start at all. It won’t be able to gain the traction it needs to turn over.

Volkswagen Timing Chain Replacement vs. Repair

The question whether to repair or replace a timing chain often comes up when Volkswagen owners realize this is the issue in their vehicle. A Volkswagen timing chain can’t always be repaired, but sometimes it can be tightened to resolve issues. A timing chain should be taut enough to keep from falling off or creating any slack.

Other times, the only option would be to completely replace a Volkswagen timing chain. If this were the case, it would take a professional like the ones at Professional Automotive to get the job done right.

Causes of Volkswagen Timing Chain Malfunction

As a moving component that is responsible for much of your Volkswagen’s function, the timing chain is prone to many issues that less critical parts are not. So, it is beneficial to take great care to protect your timing chain to the best of your abilities. Actions that can lead to a defective timing chain include:

  • lack of maintenance
  • oil change neglect
  • degradation over time
  • excessive vehicle age
  • excessive vehicle mileage

Get Help for Your Volkswagen’s Timing Chain Problems at Professional Automotive

Over time, your Volkswagen’s timing chain issue will only worsen. Eventually, it could lead to other major mechanical problems for your vehicle. So, it is best to have your Volkswagen checked out by our professionals at Professional Automotive before it gets too bad.

With the ability to work on both domestic and import vehicles, our expert technicians at locations in Marlborough, MA show clients their knowledge versatility. We employ only the best service technicians to take care of our customers.

With over 22 years of service experience, Professional Automotive has gained recognition as one of the best service repair facilities in the Marlborough area. We know that vehicle trouble is often unplanned and inconvenient, but our technicians and friendly sales staff will make the best out of a challenging situation and get you back on the road safely and quickly. Our ASE-Certified technicians will take good care of your Volkswagen, and you can feel confident in our repairs, since they are backed by a 24-month/24,000-mile warranty.

Professional Automotive even offers complimentary loaner vehicles, so you can still tend to your daily duties while your Volkswagen is in our shop. If our service standards sound like the care you need for your Volkswagen, give us a call at (508) 485-8633 today!

* Volkswagen Car image credit goes to: alkimsarac.