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Mercedes are vehicles built on luxury and industry-leading performance standards. They come with big promises and an even bigger price tag, which can make even potentially simple issues such as gear selector trouble a big problem. Unfortunately for Mercedes owners, gear selector concerns are one of the most highly-reported for the brand.

Your Mercedes’ gear selector is part of its transmission system, which means that mechanical issues can run the gamut from inconvenient to dangerous. Furthermore, if the issues are not caught early, they can rack up a rather large and unnecessary bill. Therefore, it’s important that Mercedes owners are aware of what can go wrong with their gear selectors, as well as signs and symptoms to watch out for.

Causes of Gear Selector Failure

Gear selector failure can be a difficult issue to fix, depending on the type of transmission, the make and model of the car, and other mechanical factors. However, the causes for a failing gear selector are fairly similar across all brands and models of vehicle. The main difference comes when you look between manual and automatic transmissions, as the parts of the transmission vary slightly between the two.

  • Normal Wear and Tear: Unfortunately, no vehicle is immune to the ravages of time, and Mercedes are no exception. Various parts of your engine, including your transmission, will need to be serviced and replaced through the years.

Driving practices such as speeding, running your engine hot, and failing to replace oil, transmission, and brake fluids can also cause issues over the years. Depending on how well you take care of your Mercedes, any of these could cause direct or indirect wear to the parts of your gear selector most prone to damage, such as cablesgears, and linkages.

  • Valve Body Failure: The valve body is part of the automatic transmissions of Mercedes. Its job is to make sure that hydraulic transmission fluid can travel throughout the various parts of the system and aid in gear shifting. If your valve body fails, it’s likely that it will have to be replaced entirely.
  • Manufacturing Issues: While Mercedes are typically well-built machines, they are not perfect, and neither are the humans and facilities that build them. In fact, some Mercedes owners have sued the company about failing transmissions several times throughout the years with the gear selector occasionally listed as one of the offending parts.

Symptoms of a Failing Gear Selector

The signs of a damaged or worn gear selector can mimic other transmission and mechanical issues, which means that the only real way to know is via inspection by a certified mechanic. However, as the vehicle’s owner, knowing what to watch out for can help you make an informed decision to bring your Mercedes into a garage when the time comes.

Depending on if you drive a manual (stick shift) or automatic transmission, the process for detecting, repairing, and replacing a bad gear selector will vary. However, the signs and symptoms are mostly the same between both types of transmission. You may notice issues such as:

  • clicking or rattling while driving
  • grinding while you shift
  • rough transition between gears, such as sticking between all or a set number of gears
  • difficulty shifting between drive and reverse

Professional Automotive for a Failing Gear Selector

If you suspect that your Mercedes is experiencing any of the signs and symptoms of a failing gear selector or other engine issues, it’s important to see a certified mechanic as soon as you can. While gear selector failure isn’t always dangerous to begin with, letting the issue fester can eventually wreck your transmission entirely. This can cause not only increased damage and the chance that you’ll have to replace the part, but it can also skyrocket your repair bill.

Professional Automotive of Marlborough, MA is here to help. Whether you have a small gear selector issue or failure of the entire transmission system, our honest, professional automotive technicians have the expertise and gentle touch your Mercedes requires. Furthermore, all parts and labor come with a hassle-free 2-year, 24,000-mile warranty in case of future issues or failures. You can be sure that at Professional Automotive, you will receive only the most professional treatment. Schedule your appointment today.