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If you’re having issues with your Ford model, there is a good chance your exhaust system is at fault. If the exhaust system is functioning poorly, your vehicle’s performance, sound, and fuel usage may suffer. There are several possible indications that your exhaust has become problematic.

You may be burning through gas faster than usual or there could be an excessive noise coming from the rear of your car. You may even be experiencing a slower take-off after idling.

If your Ford’s exhaust system is failing, you may experience engine misfire, notice shakingleakinghanging parts, see rust, or smell gas. However, each of these symptoms may also be indicators of other issues that are happening with your vehicle. To be safe, and ensure the best for your vehicle, it is crucial to get it seen by a professional and risk further damage and possible expense.

The Importance of the Exhaust System

Your exhaust is responsible for keeping your car quiet and expelling the car’s fumes away from the inside cabin. The exhaust doesn’t only keep the car’s passengers safe and in comfort, but it also protects the vehicle from a more than natural deterioration.

By regulating the fumes inside the vehicle, you can conserve fuel and reduce emissions from your car, improving your engine’s overall performance. If you suspect a failing exhaust it should become a priority to have it examined.

Common Causes of a Failing Exhaust System

The average exhaust system of a Ford vehicle lasts around 5 to 7 years. Sometimes exhausts can fail prematurely due to unavoidable circumstances. Living closer to the shore or driving in the winter months can expose your car to salt, which can be damaging to your vehicle.

Other common causes of exhaust system failure are road debris hitting the exposed part/parts, i.e, muffler, exhaust pipe, etc. Potholes can lower your vehicle to the ground, damaging these underbelly parts of your vehicle.

How common is a broken exhaust system or muffler?

The exhaust is housed underneath your car. With this level of exposure, it can wear faster than any other vehicle component.

Because the exhaust is both under and at the back of the vehicle, exhaust issues often go unnoticed until bigger consequences begin to arise. The damage can happen overtime or in an instant. It is important that if you suspect an issue to be wrong with your Ford’s exhaust you take it to be seen by a professional mechanic. Acting quickly can save you only additional, far more costly vehicle repairs.

Is it safe to drive with exhaust system problems?

There are significant risks of driving while your car is performing less than perfect. Depending on the extent of the exhaust problem, a failing exhaust system can cause carbon monoxide poisoning, which is a deadly risk.

Since your Ford’s exhaust system contributes to maintaining a healthy engine, a faulty exhaust causes poor fuel economy and drastically reduced performance. In some cases, a poor exhaust can cause legal issues. Vehicles need to pass emissions testing before being driven on the road. A low performing exhaust can cause a vehicle to fail this test.

It is important to get it seen by a professional mechanic, as driving at a lower performance without proper fume emission can cause damage to additional parts of your car. In many cases poor performing exhausts cause catalytic converters to fail, which is a costly repair.

Professional Automotive Will Help

If you suspect there is something wrong with your vehicle, Professional Automotive is here to help. We are located in MarlboroughMassachusettsProfessional Automotive will assist if you suspect you may have a failing exhaust.

We can take care of the issue and anything else that may be contributing to your car’s depleting performance. Our mechanics are trained and certified to service and repair both domestic and imported vehicles.

Equipped with the latest auto repair technology, we are confident we can assist you during any car crisis. So confident that we offer a guaranteed, hassle-free, 24-month/24,000-mile warranty on all of our parts and labor.

We proudly serve customers in the surrounding areas of Marlborough, MA. Our honest and efficient team of technicians and advisors can get you and your vehicle quickly back on the road with confidence in your Ford once again.