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Volkswagen is one of the most renowned German automobile brands all around the world. This is as a result of the quality of their vehicle models that assure drivers of safety, comfort and excellent performance. The vehicle brand has, however, not always had it easy. This is because it has constantly been plagued with allegations of violating emission regulations. In 2015Volkswagen was hit by a huge emissions scandal that was since dubbed “Emissiongate”.

What are emissions?

In cars, emissions are gases that are produced in the process of fuel combustion in the engine. Depending on the quality and type of fuel that is used in the engine of the car, the types of emissions vary. The engine also affects how much of the gases are released into the environment.

For this reason, most vehicle manufacturers have been tasked by regulatory bodies to reduce the amount of emissions that come from the engines of their vehicles as much as possible. This is in order to reduce the level of environmental pollution that these emissions contribute heavily towards.

Steps Taken by Volkswagen to Track Emission Levels

Volkswagen engines are mostly diesel-powered, and they have been known to advocate for clean diesel which is supposed to keep emissions as low as possible. This clean fuel is actually one of their selling points, especially in countries where regulatory bodies such as the Environmental Protection Agency have set standards that vehicle manufacturers have to reach in order to be sold legally in the market. Volkswagen models have been fitted with software that is supposed to monitor the level of emissions through sensors that track the emissions within a drive cycle.

Loopholes in Volkswagen Emission Trackers

While many Volkswagen models have passed the emissions test in many countries, the big question of how exactly they do it still remains to be the big elephant in the room. This is because the same vehicles have been found contravening the same requirements that they previously passed. The answer to this question however is simple: some Volkswagen models can alternate between modes, allowing them to pass emission tests.

While on test mode, these cars are able to keep their emission levels well below the acceptable level using the emission software. During normal driving, however, most Volkswagen models are notorious for releasing higher levels of nitrogen oxide emissions, which are as a result of the nitrogen in the air burning in the engine.

The emission problems in Volkswagen are normally the responsibility of the manufacturer. This is why there have been call-backs in the past over the issue. These callbacks are extremely costly on the manufacturer’s parts considering how much money Volkswagen has paid in the form of fines and settlements following class action suits. Moreover, there have been additional costs to the tune of billions from their buy-back program where they buy back the cars that have been fitted with the emissions cheating software from affected customers.

The Volkswagen emission issues have affected the trust between the business and the customers. This is because many customers not only want a good car to get them from point A to B, but in the wake of global warming as a result of environmental pollution, more customers are becoming aware of such issues. This is why for the manufacturer to have created the illusion of using clean diesel and doubled back to install emission cheating software is considered to be betrayal in the simplest terms.

What to Do if Your Car is in Violation

For Volkswagen owners who suspect that their car is in violation of the emission requirements, there are tests that can be taken to be sure. These tests are usually performed by professionals who have in-depth knowledge regarding the issue. In order to be on the safe side of the law and in the spirit of environmental conservation, complying with the manufacturer and repairing vehicle models that have been called back should be top on your priority list as a Volkswagen owner.

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