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Volkswagens are dependable, high-quality vehicles with a history of excellence. That being said, Volkswagens can sometimes fall prey to serious functioning issues. One Volkswagen component that is especially prone to damage is the cooling system.

faulty cooling system can have severe consequences for your vehicle and may even cause its engine to overheat. Therefore, it is very important for Volkswagen owners to know the common causes and symptoms of cooling system damage.

Components of the Cooling System

Your vehicle’s cooling system is composed of nine major parts: the radiatorwater pumpfreeze plugshead gasketheater corethermostathosesfan clutch, and cooling fan. All of these parts work together to pump coolant through your vehicle’s engine and prevent it from overheating. As such, damage to even one of these parts can cause considerable problems with your Volkswagen if not fixed in time.

Common Causes of Cooling System Issues

Because the cooling system is so complex, there are several factors that may damage it, the most common of which is regular wear and tear. Over time, your vehicle’s cooling system will be exposed to a variety of temperatures, pressures, and substances. This can cause several problems within the cooling system, including corrosion of the radiator or water pump and leaks in the hoses. It may also cause the head gasket to blow, as this part is subjected to extreme pressures and temperatures every time you drive your car.

In order to prevent normal wear and tear from causing costly damage to your vehicle’s cooling system, you should be sure to perform regular maintenance on your Volkswagen.

Another common cause of cooling system damage is contaminated coolant. If dirt, debris, or any other foreign objects end up in your Volkswagen’s coolant, they can create blockages in the cooling system, which can cause the cooling system to spring a leak.

In addition, if you add tap water to your vehicle’s coolant, the minerals in the water will build up in the radiator and both clog and corrode the system. Therefore, you should only put clean, Volkswagen-approved coolant in your vehicle, and you should be certain to mix it with the correct amount of distilled water, not tap water.

A final factor that can cause cooling system issues is misalignment of the system’s parts. Jolts to the system may cause the hoses to disconnect or the water pump’s shaft to slip out of place. Accidents can especially cause this type of damage, but even driving over potholes can sometimes knock engine components out of place, especially if those components are corroded.

Misaligned engine parts may be nearly impossible to predict or protect against, but regular maintenance can help catch any problems of this sort before they become serious.

How to Tell if Your Cooling System is Damaged

If your Volkswagen’s cooling system is damaged, then there is a strong chance that it will begin leaking coolant. If the coolant leaks into the engine, the oil may turn white and frothy and the exhaust might begin to smoke.

In contrast, if the coolant leaks out of the engine, then reddish-sweet-smelling puddles will form under your vehicle. Regardless of the location, a coolant leak will likely make your Volkswagen consume coolant much more quickly than normal.

If you notice any of the above symptoms, you should assume that there is something wrong with your vehicle’s cooling system and should bring it to an experienced mechanic immediately. They will be able to identify and fix the problem without causing further damage to your Volkswagen.

Professional Automotive Can Help

The longer you leave a suspected cooling system issue alone, the higher the likelihood that your vehicle’s engine will overheat. Not only will an overheated engine be more costly to repair, but it may also make driving impossible. So the sooner you have cooling system damage fixed, the better.

If your Volkswagen’s cooling system is damaged, then you’ll want a professional to repair it and help get you back on the road. Professional Automotive‘s ASE-certified technicians have the skills, technology, and experience to keep your vehicle in top-notch shape.

We have provided exemplary service to the Marlborough, MA area for over 22 years, and we would love the chance to make you our next satisfied customer. So give us a callschedule online, or stop by today to experience “The Professional Difference!