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Mercedes-Benz is dependable, durable, and one of the top cars in its class. One feature that sets a Mercedes apart from other cars is its air suspension system. The air suspension is designed to provide smooth, constant ride quality and comfort. Air suspension, in contrast to traditional suspension systems, is made for luxury automobiles and is often also used in sports cars. In this article, we’ll explore some common issues with the airmatic bags in the air suspension system of Mercedes.

The Mercedes Airmatic Suspension System

Air suspension is a kind of vehicle suspension powered by an electric or engine-driven air pump or compressor. This compressor will pump air into a flexible bellows, often referred to as bags. These bellows are generally comprised of a textile-reinforced rubber. Air suspension does not use pressurized liquid, which most hydropneumatic systems do, but instead uses pressurized air. The air pressure in an air suspension system is what inflates the bellows and raises the chassis from the axle.

Most common Issues with Airmatic Bags

We’ve put together the most common signs of airmatic bag failure so you can spot the symptoms when and if they occur:

Air Suspension Compressor Failure

The air suspension compressor generates compressed air. Its job is to inflate the air bellows. It can fail, often due to a compressor motor burnout, and leave the bellows partially or totally deflated. If this happens, they will fail to produce the requisite pressure, and the brushes inside them will wear out. If this happens, your Mercedes will be too low to the ground to drive properly.

Air Strut Failure

A common problem is one or multiple air struts leaking. This problem is usually easily identifiable because one side of your Mercedes (or one wheel) will sag lower than the other. This sag will be very easily noticeable, whether you’re looking at your parked Mercedes or driving in it. This can be a detriment to stability and affect the usually smooth handling of your vehicle.

Faulty Lines

Sometimes the air compressor will function completely normally, but the lines that supply air to the air bellows will leak. This can happen to lines over time as they develop cracks due to natural wear and tear. After this happens, the lines will need to be replaced.

Relay or Fuse Failure

The air suspension compressor relays do sometimes fail. This failure happens when the relay can’t engage the air suspension compressor or when it can’t disengage from the air suspension compressor. If the compressor is engaged for an extended period, it can become damaged, and its fuse can easily be blown as a result.

Valve Block Leakage
The valve block usually helps contain the air from the air suspension compressor. However, if the valve becomes damaged, it has a propensity to leak the compressed air back into the central air reservoir, rendering the air bellows useless. The value could also be leaking air from its connection point with the air struts. This can cause your Mercedes to sit lower than it should and can render your Mercedes undrivable if ignored.

Professional Automotive

The easiest way to make sure that your airmatic bags continue functioning the way they were designed is to ensure that you take your Mercedes in if you ever notice any irregularities. You can request that they get checked out during any regularly scheduled servicing, which is recommended every ten thousand miles. However, don’t hesitate to make an appointment if you notice any of the above signs of airmatic bag failure.

At Professional Automotive, we know precisely how to handle luxury cars. The service that your Mercedes receives can impact every single aspect of its performance, and proper maintenance is critical in order to ensure that it can function as intended. That is why Professional Automotive has committed ourselves to delivering fast and effective service with your convenience and comfort our top priority.

Whether you need basic maintenance, diagnostics, an oil change, or someone to look at your airmatic suspension system, our Mercedes specialists will deliver the highest-quality service every time. We look forward to speaking with you regarding your service and maintenance needs. Call us today to book an appointment or stop by to speak with one of our expert technicians.