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How Does a Bad Tie Rod Affect Your Volvo?

How Does a Bad Tie Rod Affect Your Volvo?

How Does a Bad Tie Rod Affect Your Volvo? Steering is one of the most important systems in your Volvo. It not only contributes to the overall performance of the vehicle, its operation is directly related to the safety of you and your safety passengers. Tie rods are components that are essential to the precision of the steering. The rods provide the connection from the steering and suspension system to the front wheels. This allows the wheels to turn with accuracy when as you turn the steering wheel. Tie rods and tie rod ends can fall victim to wear and tear as you rack up the mileage in your Volvo. They can wear down quicker if you routinely drive in rough conditions. These conditions would include rugged roadways, bumps, potholes, and even speed bumps. There are some telling symptoms that signal a potential ... read more


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