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Reasons for a Vibrating Steering Wheel in Your Nissan

Reasons for a Vibrating Steering Wheel in Your Nissan

Has your steering wheel been shaking with no explanation? Does the problem get worse at high speeds until it feels like your car may shake apart? Shaking steering wheels are a concerning issue in a Nissan. Fortunately, the fix is usually fairly simple. Common Causes of a Shaking Steering Wheel There are a few common reasons for your Nissan’s steering wheel to shake. Each comes with their own auxiliary problems and concerns, so if you suspect that any of these are the culprit, it’s a good idea to mention your concerns to a mechanic as soon as possible. Unbalanced wheels These are perhaps the most common reason for your steering wheel to shake. If your tires have been improperly rotated, this means that your vehicle’s weight is not being properly and evenly distributed. In turn, this causes parts of your vehicle to vibrate, especially t ... read more


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