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Monthly Archives: February 2021

How Low Oil Pressure Can Damage Your BMW's Engine

How Low Oil Pressure Can Damage Your BMW's Engine

How Low Oil Pressure Can Damage Your BMW's Engine When dealing with low oil pressure in your BMW, you will begin to notice a few concerning changes in your driving experience. The smooth, comfortable ride that you’re used to in such a high-quality car is due in large part to the engine. Low pressure directly affects your engine and can lead to expensive repairs if the root of the issue is not found and repaired as soon as possible. This article will break down the effects that low oil pressure can have on a BMW’s engine and what to do when you notice the warning signs that come with this problem, so stick around! Causes of Low Oil Pressure In order to truly get to the root of the problem, you must first understand why the oil pressure in the engine may be low. Each cause presents unique challenges and requires specific repairs. Low oil level is the most common and most obvious cause ... read more


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