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Monthly Archives: December 2020

Fix Your Gear Selector Issues in Mercedes in Marlborough

Fix Your Gear Selector Issues in Mercedes in Marlborough

Mercedes are vehicles built on luxury and industry-leading performance standards. They come with big promises and an even bigger price tag, which can make even potentially simple issues such as gear selector trouble a big problem. Unfortunately for Mercedes owners, gear selector concerns are one of the most highly-reported for the brand. Your Mercedes’ gear selector is part of its transmission system, which means that mechanical issues can run the gamut from inconvenient to dangerous. Furthermore, if the issues are not caught early, they can rack up a rather large and unnecessary bill. Therefore, it’s important that Mercedes owners are aware of what can go wrong with their gear selectors, as well as signs and symptoms to watch out for. Causes of Gear Selector FailureGear selector failure can be a difficult issue to fix, depending on the ... read more


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